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Ballpark Brothers, Major and Minor League Baseball Stadiums
Celebrating Two of America's National Pasttimes

Baseball & Road Trips

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Arnold Field

Sonoma, CA

Stony Brook Field

Brewster, MA

Wilson Park


Vallejo, CA

Eldredge Park


Orleans, MA

Waterfront Park

Martinez, CA

Red Wilson Field

South Yarmouth, MA

Winter Chevrolet Stadium

Pittsburg, CA

McKeon Park

Hyannis, MA

Tony Zupo Field

Lodi, CA

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Ballpark Cartography

Click on the map to see the location of every current professional ballpark, plus a few extras.

Ballpark Brothers Map

You can view the map by league or see everything, including highlighting of places that Gary and Mike have been, with links to those pages on this website.

Our Mission

Welcome to We are just a couple of guys who enjoying traveling, going to ballgames and seeing the country. For us, the journey is as important as the destination.  The things we see and the people we meet along the way are sometimes more memorable than the game or the ballpark. Would we ever go to Evansville, Indiana if not to see a baseball game? Maybe, but probably not. We're sure glad we did, though.

This is not a site that is filled with facts and figures. This is not a ballpark encyclopedia. This is a chronicle of the travels of two grown men who enjoy the simplicity of the open road, a baseball ticket in hand, and a warm summer night under the lights.

The ballparks of North America are points on a map, to be connected patiently, mile by mile, with a sense of adventure and wonder. The Ballpark Brothers have spent the last 30 years slowly weaving a tapestry of small towns and big cities, one game, one ballpark at a time.

Thank you for joining us on this magnificent journey.



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Please keep it friendly. If we don't like your favorite ballpark, we're sorry, but  remember... these are just our opinions. They don't actually count for anything. And, after all, it's just a baseball stadium...

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