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Road Trips

They say that travel broadens the mind. For the Ballpark Brothers, it also broadens our collection of baseball stadiums. We enjoy a ballgame anytime, anywhere, but there is nothing better than a baseball road trip. Touring the country by road, seeing it at ground level, experiencing the game the way the locals do... this is what we love. Whether together or solo, our road trips have enriched our lives. Click "Begin Journey" on one of the adventures below, travel along with us, and just maybe... be inspired.

Select a Road Trip from the list below, click "Begin Journey", then click on the matching Road Trip Poster near the Scoreboard at the bottom of each page to continue to the NEXT ballpark on your adventure.

Road Trip Iowa 2002 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Iowa


8 Ballparks


Mike drives to Iowa to see The Nadas, visit his ancestral home, and see an unbelievable baseball brawl on the banks of The Mighty Mississippi.

Road Trip Alabama Menu.jpg

Road Trip Alabama


14 Ballparks


The Brothers follow the Appalachian Trail to Birmingham for the Rickwood Classic, with stops in Atlanta and Pittsburgh.

Road Trip Quebec 2012 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Quebec


4 Ballparks


Mike makes a quick trip north of the border for some baseball and Belgian waffles, then crosses the wilds of Maine for baseball and lighthouses. 

Road Trip America 2016 Menu.jpg

Road Trip America


5 Ballparks


Gary and the family drive across America, from the East Coast to the Rockies and back, nearly 5000 miles, and manage to see... five ballparks?

Roadtrip Hudson Valley 2017 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Hudson Valley


5 Ballparks


Gary crosses the Hudson River, north of the Big Apple, taking in baseball on both sides of the Great River that Henry discovered in 1609.

Road Trip Montana 2019 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Montana


9 Ballparks


Mike spends a week under Big Skies, touring Montana, Idaho and Utah, with a stop in Yellowstone to see some Buffalo.

Road Trip Dakotas 2020B Menu.jpg

Road Trip Dakotas


10 Ballparks


Mike sets out on a journey across Nebraska and then north into both North and South Dakota.


Road Trip Lake Michigan 2021 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Lake Michigan


14 Ballparks


The Brothers take a Big League Tour from Detroit to Chicago to Milwaukee and points in between, including an unexpected side trip to Toledo!

Road Trip California Menu.jpg

Road Trip California


5 Ballparks


Mike drives south along the Pacific Coast Highway from Oregon to San Francisco and finally finds out what all of the Oracle Park fuss is about.

Road Trip Savannah 2022 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Savannah


9 Ballparks


Gary sips Mint Juleps on the Outer Banks and goes Bananas in Savannah during a drive along the beautiful South Atlantic coast.

Roadtrip Lake Ontario 2022 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Lake Ontario


9 Ballparks


Gary and the Missus spend a week north of the border, touring the land of poutine and hockey, and visit venerable Labatt Park along the way.

Roadtrip Minnesota 2023 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Minnesota


17 Ballparks


Mike starts at the Twin Cities and meanders south and east thru the midwest until he reaches the Queen City and their famous (infamous?) chili.

Roadtrip Northern California 2003 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Northern California


5 Ballparks


Gary lives the ballpark hunter version of "Sideways", sans the wine, exploring the northern reaches of the Golden State.

Roadtrip Indiana 2011 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Indiana


7 Ballparks


The Brothers go Back in Time then Back to the Future, oblivious to time zones, arriving in Evansville, Indiana before they left. 

BB Road Trip Carolina 2015 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Carolina


9 Ballparks


The Brothers travel to Sweet Carolina, North Carolina that is, the land of NASCAR, Civil War Reenactments and the Durham Bulls.

Roadtrip Pennsylvania 2016 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Pennsylvania


7 Ballparks


The Brothers tour the Keystone State, do some trainspotting, eat scrapple and miss the finale of the Little League World Series by one day.

Road Trip Great Lakes Menu.jpg

Road Trip Great Lakes


5 Ballparks


The Brothers decide to visit the Great Lakes... in April. Two games snowed out, replaced on the fly by two hockey games and the Hockey HoF!

Road Trip Keystone 2019 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Keystone


6 Ballparks


Gary visits Eastern Pennsylvania, touring the rural landscape between the big cities. He sees half a dozen ballparks and a whole lotta cows.

Road Trip Dunedin 2021 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Dunedin


14 Ballparks


Gary drives to Florida to see Big League Ball in a Minor League Ballpark, with stops up and down the South Atlantic coast.

Road Trip New England 2021 Menu.jpg

Road Trip New England


6 Ballparks


Gary decides to sample some Clam Chowdah and pahk the cah not too fah from the yahd as he checks out the National Pasttime in New England.

Road Trip Great Plains 2022 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Great Plains


16 Ballparks


Mike explores the Great Plains, driving a serpentine route across very flat land, and getting his kicks on Route... well, you know.

Road Trip Appalachia 2022 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Appalachia


14 Ballparks


Gary tunes Sirius XM to Bluegrass Junction and takes a tour of the low minors, sipping moonshine in Tennessee, North Carolina and rural Virginia.

Road Trip Spring Training 2023 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Spring Training


12 Ballparks


The Brothers leave their winter coats and mittens behind and head to sunny Florida for a week of Grapefruit League action and lots of seafood!

Road Trip Vermont 2023 Menu.jpg

Road Trip Vermont


8 Ballparks


While Mike was exploring the Upper Midwest, Gary shouted "Damn the Storm Clouds!" and spent a rainy weekend in New England.

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