Fraser Field

Lynn, MA

Review by Mike

Fraser Field is the home of the North Shore Navigators of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League. The ballpark, built in 1940 as a WPA project, has fielded numerous professional minor league teams over the years, both affiliated and independent, with summer collegiate ball seeming to have settled in for the long haul.

The most striking feature of the ballpark is the large concrete roof that cantilevers out over the main grandstand. I learned that this roof has been the cause of numerous problems over the years, with crumbling concrete causing the closure of the seats beneath it from time to time. The roof once extended further out over the seats, but had to be shortened due to structural issues.

Fraser Field, Lynn, MA

The ballpark is fairly simple, but there are little touches that stand out. The graceful curve of the roof and its support columns create nice rounded archways on the concourse. This concourse is above the seating bowl allowing fans to view the game while purchasing refreshments, which seems somewhat revolutionary for 1940, but perhaps it was done out of simple necessity rather than foresight, as the ballpark is built into the side of a hill.

Fraser Field, Lynn, MA

Except for the worrisome problem of falling concrete, it's a nice little ballpark that has looks pretty good after nearly 80 years of service. The stadium is part of a sports complex right in the heart of Lynn, a northern suburb of Boston, nestled between the city and scenic Cape Ann. I heartily recommend Lena's sub shop if you pass thru the area.