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Erie, PA

Review by Mike

UPMC Park, formerly Jerry Uht Park, is the home of the Erie SeaWolves of the Eastern League. The SeaWolves are an affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.

A lot of ballparks have quirky details, but in many cases these are contrived; quirky solely for the sake of being quirky. Not so UPMC Park in Erie. This AA ballpark has one of the oddest grandstands I've ever seen and it is truly a case of necessity being the mother of invention.

Jerry Uht Park, Erie, PA

You see, the good folks in Erie needed to shoe-horn their ballpark between a street and an arena/convention center. After leaving room for the field, there was little room for seats along the first base line. So, they built a few rows and then added a few more rows directly above those. The result is a miniature double-deck grandstand... and it's awesome!
The view from up there is really nice. You get a higher view, but one that's really close. You get a beautiful view of the sunset and a nice breeze on a warm, July night.

Jerry Uht Park, Erie, PA
Jerry Uht Park, Erie, PA

The rest of the park is really nice as well. It's right in the city, so you can walk there from the main drag. There is a standing room area beyond the left field fence for a different view and a traditional grandstand on the third base line. Everything is clean and everyone is friendly.
The nachos were voluminous and delicious and there is even a roof over the double grandstand! This is a great ballpark, perfect for AA and a delightful place to see a game. Highly recommended.





Ballpark Brothers HR Gallery COLOR 2018.
Jerry Uht Park, Erie, PA

An unnamed SeaWolf connects for the only run in an 8-1 loss to the Akron Aeros.

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