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PNC Park

Pittsburgh, PA

Review by Mike

Let me start by apologizing for these photos. This was the last stop on my grand Roadtrip Alabama in 2004 and, for some reason, the photos are not great. I took some great photos on this trip (see Rickwood Field), but for some reason it all went a little pear-shaped at PNC.

PNC Park, Pittsburgh, PA
PNC Park, Pittsburgh, PA

Disclaimers aside... wow! What a beautiful place. It's everything a major league ballpark should be. It's good-looking, intimate, provides outstanding views of the action, and is placed in one of the two best locations yet found for a major league park. (I think San Francisco ain't bad)

The spiral ramps, the yellow bridges, the Pittsburgh skyline, the walkway by the river, the arches and structural steel, the scoreboard in the high right field wall. It's perfect and it's in a really great city.

PNC is what every ballpark designer should aspire to; it's magnificent and unique without being contrived. After the game they launched fireworks over the river. A fitting end to a long road trip at one of the finest ballparks in the country.

PNC Park, Pittsburgh, PA





BB Where they Played Before Banner 2 2022.jpg

Where They Played Before

Forbes Field

Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, PA

If you are in Pittsburgh, it is worth a trip to the north side of town to visit the remnants of old Forbes Field.  Here we see Gary standing in front of a large section of the famous ivy-covered brick home run fence.  You can also see home plate in a nearby building along with other historical markers.

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