Momentum Bank Ballpark

Midland, TX

Review by Gary

After living in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas for 24 years, it took a weekend road trip to west Texas, with cliche tumbleweeds rolling across the highway, to realize that I was really in the middle of nowhere. Nestled in that nowhere was Midland, Texas, home of the Midland Rock Hounds of Double-A Central. I visited this ballpark during its inaugural season, when it was named First American Ballpark.

Security Bank Ballpark, Midland, TX

The ballpark seats about 4700 people, with a grassy knoll that accommodates another 2000 who might wish to brave the Texas heat. Luxury suites are named after former players who spent time with the Rock Hounds. There is also one suite named after G.W. Bush, who was raised in Midland. These luxury boxes provide some welcome shade for the fans in the stands looking to escape the heat of the setting sun. 

The most interesting feature of this ballpark is the wacky configuration of the outfield wall, notably the left field corner with the visitor’s bullpen nestled in a quirky corner 330 feet away from home. The home bullpen is actually in front of the outfield wall in right field with the foul pole at 322’. The sinuous wall itself runs in an S-curve manner starting with a high wall in left, descending in height to the RF corner. This whole configuration must be fun for the outfielders to play in front of.

When I visited Midland, the stadium was the only thing around for miles as the stadium is on the outskirts of the downtown Metropolis. Today, a housing community and office buildings surround the ballpark/sports complex that anchors the area.

Midland 13.jpg