Serge Simmons Field

Ogden, UT

Review by Mike

Serge Simmons Field was the home of the Ogden Raptors of the Pioneer League. Serge Simmons Field is exactly that, a field. To call it a stadium or a ballpark would be generous in the extreme. After spells in Calgary, Salt Lake City and Pocatello, ID, this wandering Pioneer League franchise arrived in Ogden in 1994 as the Raptors.

Serge SImmons Field, Ogden, UT

It would take three years to build their downtown ballpark, Lindquist Field, so the Raptors needed a place to stalk their prey until then. Either someone had a large erector set in their basement or they raided every high school in the county, but they managed  to piece together Serge Simmons Field.

Serge SImmons Field, Ogden, UT

For three years this was the home of professional baseball. I do not know, but I would think there must have been more grandstands during this period, because the two small stands of bench seating are barely enough to host a moderately sized family reunion.

The place is not without its charms, though, as the field itself is in very nice condition, as is the surrounding park. Best of all, there is a splendid view of the surrounding mountains, which must simply shimmer with golden light at sunset.

This is a perfectly nice community baseball field, but as a professional "stadium", it hardly warrants consideration. I will give it half a dog for being well-maintained for community use and half a dog for the view.