Trinidad Central Park

Trinidad, CO

Review by Mike

Trinidad Central Park is the home of the Trinidad Triggers of the Pecos League. Trinidad, Colorado is either the last or the first town you encounter in Southern Colorado. Just a few miles from the New Mexico border, this historic town was once a stop on the Santa Fe trail. It is a nice town, with an excellent free trolley tour that is worth your time.

Trinidad Central Park, Trinidad, CO

The ballpark is in a park called Central Park, so don't be fooled if you navigate to "Central Park Trinidad" and find only picnic areas and jogging trails. Keep looking, the ballpark is in there. And what a nice little ballpark this is.

Built in 1960, it is made up of a simple grandstand with a roof that does not extend very far down each foul line. The dugouts are at field level, but are long, solid structures with new roofs and ample seating for the teams. The clubhouse and locker rooms are enclosed in a new building behind 3rd base.

Trinidad Central Park, Trinidad, CO

On the 1st base side is a grass berm that is defined by fresh landscaping and a new stone retaining wall. The whole place has been freshened up smartly and the result is a small, simple ballpark that is welcoming, clean and comfortable, with views of the nearby hills and buttes that are stunning.

Under the roof is all-bench seating, although every other row of benches have single-serving backs attached, which is a little odd, but interesting. A brick concession stand sits in the gap between the grandstand and the 3rd base dugout.

It was all very friendly, especially the fact that it is set right in a city park. Runners would trot by on the tree-covered paths and watch an inning while they hydrated and jogged in place to stay warm. 

The view from the edge of the parking lot was actually quite nice and several people simply pulled up lawn chairs and watched the game from there. What I loved about this, though, is that they all went and bought tickets before setting up their chairs, even though they never actually entered the stadium. This is small-town community baseball at its best.