Fossum Field

Aberdeen, SD

Review by Mike

Fossum Field was the home of the Aberdeen Pheasants of the independent Prairie league. Despite it's basic form and remote location, this simple ballpark in northeastern South Dakota is both larger and better maintained than many other stadiums I've seen that hosted professional ball longer and in closer proximity to population centers (see Fleming Field in Yonkers, NY).

Fossum Field, Aberdeen, SD
Fossum Field, Aberdeen, SD

Built in 1974, with a seating capacity of 2500, the ballpark is host to community and high school baseball, as well as the home field of the Northern State University and Presentation College baseball teams.

A large grandstand behind home plate features an impressive roof that protects all of the seats from sun and rain. Interestingly, when viewed from the side, it becomes evident that the grandstand and roof are two separate structures, not connected at any point, implying that perhaps the roof was added sometime after the ballpark was completed.

Erector set grandstands extend down both lines, although there is a gap for the dugouts between the main stand and these auxiliary seating areas. On the 3rd base side, a press box sits atop the dugout and on the 1st base side, a concrete picnic area spreads expansively between the field and the clubhouse. The clubhouse also hosts a concession stand the ticket booth.

The best feature of Fossum Field is the light towers, which soar towards the South Dakota skies on an impressive lattice of metal girders that harken back to an earlier era. A nice scoreboard sits beyond right center field and there is ample free parking.

Fossum Field, Aberdeen, SD

Although rather old-school and minimalist, Fossum Field is well-suited for its mission. It might even be too big for the community it serves and I find it surprising that a Collegiate Summer League team hasn't set up shop here. There's nothing flashy, but I found it to be lovingly maintained and the people were friendly. Plus, I'm a sucker for a big roof.