League Stadium

Huntingburg, IN

Review by Mike

League Stadium is the home of the Dubois County Bombers of the Ohio Valley League. League Stadium has an unusual history. The first ballpark was built on this site back in 1894. In 1991, the park was completely rebuilt and used as the home stadium of the Rockford Peaches in the film "A League of Their Own".

League Stadium, Huntingburg, IN

This wooden ballpark is still adorned with the period advertising used in the film and "Rockford Peaches" adorns the front of the press box in a nice script. There are a heck of a lot of wooden support beams for the roof, so there are very few seats in the place that do not have a partially obstructed view.

The erector set light towers are very cool, as is the whole ballpark. If the movie people were trying to capture the feeling of an earlier era, they succeeded. When we got there we thought it a shame that the place was not better maintained. The roof along the 3rd base line was in ruins and there was a bit of a derelict feel in places. Then we found out that the place had been hit by a tornado just two months earlier, so we're lucky it was still standing at all.

The old manual scoreboard in left is still there, but they use an electric scoreboard in right field for practicality. I'm guessing that the red and orange seats were brought in AFTER the movie was made. It's a very unique place, and a great consolation on a rainy day when our primary goal of seeing a game in Bosse Field in Evansville was rained out. Definitely worth a visit if you are driving through southern Indiana. 

League Stadium Dubois 12.jpg
League Stadium, Huntingburg, IN






Gary says...

"I really enjoyed League Stadium. Columbia Pictures did an excellent job refurbishing the field and expanding the grandstand for the movie, that also benefited the teams that play there for many years. I was glad that the vintage billboard advertising on the outfield wall was still intact and attractive to the eye.”