Whitaker Bank Ballpark

Lexington, KY

Review by Mike & Gary

Whitaker Bank Ballpark is the home of the Lexington Legends of the Atlantic League. We dropped in on this ballpark while passing through Lexington one morning. It was raining, of course. You may have noticed that the farther I drive on a baseball road trip, the greater the chance of rain. I should hire myself out to relieve drought.

Whitaker Bank Ballparl, Lexington, KY

The guy in the front office was very friendly and we chatted with him for a while. The ballpark is very nice and unusual for a relatively new ballpark (2001) in that there is no open concourse at the top of the seating bowl. The concessions are under the stands, old style. Also, most of the grandstand, except for a few rows down low, are pretty steeply pitched, which I like. It makes for less bobbing and weaving to try to see between the heads of the people in the row in front of you.

Whitaker Bank Ballparl, Lexington, KY

Everything was in place; clean, well-maintained, good sight-lines, and there was a lot of eye candy to take in from the outfield fence from pole to pole. The monolithic scoreboard, the Pepsi Park Deck, radio tower, the Ford sign standing in for Fenway's CITGO sign, and the big ball and bat all seem to be trying to grab Norman Rockwell images from many other MLB and MiLB parks.    

In size and style, this feels more like a AA ballpark and, considering how nice everyone was, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say this is probably a really nice place to see a game, when it's not raining...






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