Dwyer Stadium

Batavia, NY

Review by Mike

Dwyer Stadium is the home of the Batavia Muckdogs of the Perfect Game Collegiate League. I have made two visits to Dwyer Stadium and have seen nary a baseball game. The first time was in 1999 while en route from Buffalo to Rochester one morning. Some very friendly groundskeepers let me walk around and take some pictures.

It seems like a really nice town made even nicer by this pleasant little ballpark. It sits at the end of a residential street, just another place for the townsfolk to gather. Dwyer Stadium is a fine, if unremarkable, ballpark for college wooden bat ball. Comfortable and airy with very green grass.

I asked the groundkeeper about the team name, Muckdogs. He said that the team was called the Clippers for many years, but through some series of legal silliness they were denied the rights to use that name by the AAA Columbus Clippers. So now they are the Muckdogs. He had no idea why they came up with that name, but his opinion of it was quite obvious. He performed his tasks in a Batavia Clippers jacket.

My second Dwyer Stadium encounter was on a snowy April day in 2018. Gary and I had tried to see the Buffalo Bisons, but were snowed out. Always looking to make lemonade, we raced to Utica for an AHL Utica Comets hockey game, pausing in the lovely little town of Batavia for a plate of pancakes and a wistful gaze thru the locked gates of the ballpark. Maybe the third time will be the charm.